Análisis del PEUAPM-Gur-1050 de grado médico irradiado con rayos gamma, en ausencia de oxidación


  • E. Davidson
  • J. Reyes
  • D. Moronta
  • G. Gónzalez


In this investigation we studied the combined effect of gamma irradiation at 100 kGy argon storage vitamin E at 0.1 wt% and remelt at 150°C on ultra high molecular weight polyethylene samples. (UHMWPE-Gur-1050) The investigation is done by Fourier Transformed Infrarred, FTIR near Ultraviolet spectroscopies, thermal analysis by DSC, the crosslinking degree analysis, the mechanical properties studies such as: wear, Rockwell hardness and Young’s modulus. The nature of free radicals is discussed. The different results showed an increase in the degree of crosslinking in the UHMWPE-gur-1050 samples. In this case there was an increase of 9% in degree of crosslinking, 11% in the Young’s modulus by compression and 15,5% in the hardness, moreover is appreciated an improve substantial from 16%, 22,2% and 20% in the wear properties. Also thermal properties showed a decrease of 5°C in the melting temperature and 10% in the cristallinity degree. Finally, spectroscopic analysis showed a greater ratio transvinilos groups compared to carbonyl groups by FTIR and presence of unsaturated groups by near UV. The investigation concludes that in the UHMWPE-Gur-1050 samples, crosslinking mechanisms prevails and improve in the oxidation resistance to oxidation in the medical grade UHMWPE-Gur-1050. The results are very important for use as component orthopedic PEUAPM mainly observed in the wear resistance properties.






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