Inspección técnica de ambulancias terrestres. Parte II: Integración de la verificación periódica.


  • Oscar R. Vanella
  • Rodrigo G. Bruni
  • Ronald Del Aguila Heidenreich
  • Ricardo A. M. Taborda


This article explores the particular ambulance subsystem formed by electromedical devices used for extrahospital attendance of patients in life threatening situations and describes aspects that affect the safety of these apparatus concerning their relationship with patient, operator and environment. Assuming that “conformity assessment” proves that devices meets safety requirements and taking into account the need for a Technical Ambulance Inspection, activities such as visual evaluation and testing (performance and safety) are integrated into this process. The specific tests for each device are selected considering relevant standards, risks associated with the use of the apparatus, international recommendations and experience of the authors. General inspections relate to physical and operational state of enclosures, cables and connectors, batteries, alarms, among others; while the particular tests are associated to safety and performance of each device. Stand out as conclusions: the checks effectively guarantee safety and performance of devices used in land ambulances and the methodology can be applied to other subsystems of the vehicle with the following condition: the requirements of reference must be relevant to each of them.






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