Digitalization of the Radiodiagnostic Service of a Pedriatric Hospital of Reference belonging to the Gobernment of the Buenos Aires City

Technical Article


  • Mara Edith Fusco COPITEC


This work consists at the development of a Clinical Engineering project based on the digitalization of the Radiodagnostic Service of the Dr. Pedro de Elizalde Children’s General Hospital (HGNPE) , optimizing the resources economical, physical and human, planning the project in scalable stages from the acquisition of the radiographic image with a digital system, to the imagen distribution for the Hospital’s internal net. The selection process of the medical technology was designed in three stages: planification, acquisition, and inspection of the installation and startup. Finally, it was possible to evaluate the project impact in patient care and environmental care. This project was presented to SABI 2020 in the field of Biomedical Engineering, XXII Bioingenieering Congress, XI Clinical Engineering Conference and III Athenaeum of Professionals with field experience in Piriápolis from March 4 to 6, 2020.






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