Design and implementation of a virtual simulator prototype for laparoscopic surgery training


  • Milagros Ariadna Belén Ariadna Cortez Estudiante
  • Ladislao Mathé
  • Ivo David Placereano


A simulator is a machine, designed to artificially represent the real world, thus generating a controlled environment suitable for learning. The purpose of this work is to describe the construction of a low-cost virtual simulator prototype to be used for laparoscopic training. During the design stage, a preliminary analysis of the system was made taking into account the simulator restrictions, the prototype-user interactions were identified, and the possible effectiveness measures and outcomes were defined. During the implementation stage, different hardware and software were tested, the details of which will be given in the report. As a result of this work, a portable, simple to use device was obtained which captures the signals of the laparoscopic instrument movements. The signals are then shown in the graphic interface through a virtual reality model.






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