WIMUMO Project: a wearable open device for physiological signals acquisition


  • Federico Nicolás Guerrero LEICI (UNLP-CONICET)
  • Rocío Madou LEICI (UNLP-CONICET)
  • Valentín A. Catacora LEICI (UNLP-CONICET)
  • Marcelo Alejandro Haberman LEICI (UNLP-CONICET)
  • Pablo Andrés García LEICI (UNLP-CONICET)
  • Alejandro Luis Veiga LEICI (UNLP-CONICET)
  • Enrique Mario Spinelli LEICI (UNLP-CONICET)


Countless signals of different types are produced and flow inside the human body. Some of them, such as biopotentials, are electric, others physicochemical, such as variations in humidity and temperature, or mechanical as those produced by movements. The objective of the WIMUMO (WIreless MUlti-MOdal Acquisition Platform) project is the development of an open platform for acquiring these multimodal signals, thus providing an easy-to-use equipment to integrate into different applications. The device is intended for research, teaching, artistic performances, and entertainment applications, and can be used for particular applications such as alternative human-machine interfaces (HMIs); it has WiFi connectivity and implements a web-server that allows to visualize and use the acquired signals. A set of basic functions can be used directly from a standard browser, on various platforms such as cell phones, tablets or personal computers. The development of WIMUMO involves multiple design decisions from its power supply and connectivity to instrumentation circuits and electrical safety issues. A first prototype was built and used in artistic performances, and experimental results are presented. An underlying objective of this work is to obtain feedback from the community in order to define the specifications for a second version that will be available as an open project.






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