Study, development and validation of a contact pressure measuring device

Student Article


  • Luis Fernando Vargas Farias Universidade Feevale
  • Marta Rosecler Bez Universidade Feevale
  • Vandersilvio da Silvavander
  • Juliano Varella de Carvalho


The overall objective of this project is to study, develop and validate the reliability of the pressure sensor of a system consisting of commercially available sensors for contact pressure measurement. What motivates the accomplishment of this research is the possibility of maximizing the process of rehabilitation of individuals, since pressure injuries cause hospitalizations up to five times longer. We chose the research methodology Design Science Reasearch, which is the method that bases the conduction of research on the epistemological prism of Design Science, a paradigm that guides problem-oriented research and the design of artifacts. The results demonstrate that the device was able to measure, send and store information from the pressure sensors. It was concluded that the Interlink FSR pressure sensors do not have the precision needed to compose in the pressure mapping system.






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