Yeimy L. Quintana, Lina M. Cruz Feasibility Study for the Remanufacturing and Reconditioning of Biomedical Equipment in Colombia

Semillero de Investigación en Ingeniería Clínica, Grupo de Investigación e Innovación Biomédica GI2B, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano, Medellín, Colombia.


  • Yeimy Liseth Quintana Villamizar Estudiante
  • Lina M. Cruz Parra


This document analyzes the viability of the remanufacturing of biomedical equipment in Colombia, initially was presented as a compilation of the published studies of remanufactured medical equipment in the country, some companies that perform remanufacturing in Latin America, as well as a review of the existing regulation in Colombia, Latin America, the US and the European Union by the remanufacturing of medical equipment. Five Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay impose restrictions with varying severity for the import and commercialization of remanufactured biomedical equipment (EBR). In Colombia, a biomedical equipment can be remanufactured if it meets the conditions mentioned in Decree 4725 of 2005, also, in order to evaluate in practice the perception of remanufacturing in the ​​health area, 2 structural interviews are conducted, the first to investigate the status of the IPS in the southwest region of the Department of Antioquia regarding the donation of the remanufactured biomedical equipment and the second was made to 16 High Complex IPS of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Municipality of Medellin for the search of equipment that could be remanufactured in order to improve the conditions of biomedical equipment in the subregion, this study reaffirms the importance of considering remanufacturing as a resource to make biomedical equipment available to the IPS that do not have the necessary resources to acquire them again.






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