A Teaching methodology for development competences in Electrotechnics in the Bioengineering program


  • Claudia Edith Bonell
  • Albana E. Guiffrey
  • Gaston R. Schvindt
  • María Cecilia Perez
  • Mauro Leandro Pelizardi
  • Fernando Aguirre
  • Fernando Aguirre
  • Jose M. Flores


The teaching of Electrotechnics in the Bioengineering program at the Faculty of Engineering belonging to UNER has as minimum content requirements the analysis of circuits in alternating current, electrical machines, and elements of maneuverand protection. This work presents the design and implementation of a new teaching methodology that has been thought out to foster the development of generic, attitudinal and specific competences, that also seeks to facilitate the integration of theoretical and practical contents, and the application of these contents to problems of Bioengineering. Our main goals were, among others, to introduce the student to the management of specific technical vocabulary, the interpretation of catalogs, help them to establish criteria for the selection of machines for applications of Bioengineering. In addition, we aimed to enhance literacy skills in topics related to the subject. The implementation of this methodology was evaluated through student surveys. The results obtained support our decision to incorporate this strategy into the subject /Electrotechnics syllabus on a permanent basis, while strengthening it with new monitoring and evaluation tools






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