The Use of Thermography in the Assessment of Burn Depth


  • Conrado Javier Rodriguez 30090398
  • Romina Carranza
  • Sofia Rotharmel
  • Ricardo Taborda


This project proposes the use of a non-invasive method for the distinction of burn depths using infrared thermography. This technique allows measurement and visualization of skin temperature accurately, remotely and without contact through a thermographic image. Thermographic images of patients who had been attended at the Burned Institute of the city of Córdoba were taken, in order to determine the depth of the burns in a non-invasive manner. The results obtained from the thermal images of the patients reflect that thermography could be an useful tool as a complementary diagnostic method to the one currently used, being beneficial since it is not invasive, it does not cause pain to the patient, and its use does not cause adverse effects.






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