Sonoro: Device for Stimulated Rehabilitation of Patients with Cerebral Palsy

Dispositivo para la rehabilitación estimulada de pacientes con parálisis cerebral


  • Lorenzo Alejandro Tell Universidad Nacional de Villa Mercedes (UNViMe).
  • Maria Celia Tolaba Universidad Nacional de Villa Mercedes (UNViMe).
  • Gabriel Aneine Sosa Universidad Nacional de Villa Mercedes (UNViMe).


Sonoro is a device that converts the kinematics of the human skeleton into a visual, mechanical, auditory stimuli or a combination of them. Designed to meet the requirements of a local day care center that treats patients with cerebral palsy. Briefly, a non-invasive, interactive, portable, user friendly and low-cost device for physical rehabilitation and recreational purposes. The pilot tests performed with synthesized and natural sounds in patients with cerebral palsy were promising, showing an interest on the part of the patients and the therapist for the use of the device.






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