Application of clinical simulation tools in the training of health human resources


  • Lucila Mónica Figueroa Gallo
  • María Fernanda Nain
  • Marcelo Vazquez
  • Daniel Dahrouge
  • Juan Palavecino
  • Juan Manuel Olivera


The province of Tucumán has a Sanitary Air Transport Service that belongs to the Health Emergencies Directory of the Sistema Provincial de Salud (SIPROSA). This division is responsible of the, aero-evacuation and transport of patient’s organs. These tasks require a correct technological resources management related to the attention process. Based on performance problems detected by the Directorate, they requested to the Clinical Engineering Resident Program of the SIPROSA to work together accomplishing a corrective strategy, focused on the training of human resources. There were designed and executed semi-presential activities addressed to the Aero Evacuation staff about the safe use of multiparametric monitor, cardio-defibrillator, infusion pumps and transport ventilator using low-fidelity clinical simulation tools. This strategy not only strengthened the presence of the biomedical engineer as a member of the healthcare team, it also leaded to changes in the technical competencies of the participants according to the primary objectives







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