Design and development of a computer network with simple computers for health centers in the province of Entre Ríos


  • Fernando Leonel Sassetti Facultad de Ingenieria
  • Francisco Maria Moyano Casco
  • Carlos Scotta
  • Francisco Arata
  • Patricia Lucia Vivas


For the implementation of digital medical records and Health Information Systems, it is necessary to have infraestructure in each of the health centers. Although in the last twenty years there was incorporation of computer equipment, at the present not all the health centers counts with the necessary equipment and infrastructure to have digital medical histories for their users. The objective of this work is to design and implement a network using simple board computers, comparing the implementation costs and the performance that is obtained versus the use of traditional computers. A test network was deployed using a Raspberry Pi 3 with GNU Health System,  the deploying costs with them was about 50 % lower than using Intel 6th generation computers. The storage times from Raspberry Pi terminals to a Postgres database sanitary server do not present differences that interfere with the work of health teams. The power consumption of the Raspberry was about 12 watt/h vs 300 watt/h on a traditional computer. Future work will address the study of the useful life of memory cards and configurations with different workloads.






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