System of generation and amplification of electrical stimulation pulses for evocation of nociceptive withdrawal reflex


  • Diana Vértiz Del Valle
  • Eduardo Filomena FIUNER
  • Carolina B. Tabernig


This paper describes the fundamentals of the design, the steps followed in the development, and the results obtained from the commissioning of an electric stimulation pulse generator to evoke nociceptive withdrawal reflex. The system allows the programming of all its parameters and the control of its operation both locally - through a keyboard and a display - and remotely - through a USB connection and a software developed to that end. The output synthesized by this generator is subsequently amplified in current and voltage, and insulated galvanically by an isolated linear stimulator. Its performance was evaluated technically by corroborating its features, and functionally by means of electromyographic recording of the muscles contracted by the reflex evoked by the electrical stimuli. The remote command from other software was checked by the communication and activation of the electric pulse train from a brain computer interface.






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