Quality Management System implemented in the Department of Electromedicine


  • Gustavo Mut
  • Raul Romo
  • Gonzalo Alfredo Quiroga Dominguez Bioingenieria
  • Adrian Gusberti


This work is derived from the research project accredited by the UNSJ, “Estudio y Análisis de la inserción del Laboratorio Universitario en una red Local y Nacional de Laboratorios de Ensayos de Equipamiento Médico”. It consists of the preparation of a quality manual applicable to the department of ELECTROMEDICINA, belonging to San Juan province Health Public Ministry. In it, corrective and preventive maintenance and verification of biomedical equipment is carried out. Here we plan to delineate the processes that are currently carried out in the Laboratory and diagram the procedures and instructions that make them up, based on IRAM-ISO 9001:2015 Standard, in order to standardize the methodology used in the activities developed, favoring qualitative improvement. The mission, vision, policy and quality goals, process map and organization chart were developed as a product of it. In addition, general procedures were created, which are requirements of the standard, and operating procedures based on the repair and / or verification of biomedical equipment, together with the record formats to be used. The aim is to advance in its practical implementation, in order to determinate the impact of the proposed system.

Keywords— Quality, biomedical equipment.






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